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Snap On Mechanics Tools Overview

Snap On Mechanics Tools Overview

For nine decades now, Snap-on Tools have been preferred by many automotive mechanics, as well as airline, agricultural, and marine technicians. This is primarily because of their extensive warranties and top-of-the-line tools. Since the foundation of the company, its trademark wrenches and sockets, among many other tools, have changed the way tool manufacturing is viewed today. Unlike most standard tools found in home improvement isles, Snap-on tools are specially designed to make sure that they withstand pressure and different forms wear and tear. This is why the most professional mechanics prefer to use them. Read through this snap on mechanics tools overview to get a good idea of the professionalism and functionality of snap-on mechanic hand tools today.

Snap-on Hand Tools

The number one market of Snap-on tools is the auto industry, but it also provides hand tools for other professions - heavy duty trucks, marine, airline, and agricultural fields. You will find the widest array of wrenches, extensions, sockets, scrapers, screwdrivers, punches, hammers, pry-bars, chisels, files, pliers, and many others. Also, specialty tools like seal and bushing removers, thread restorer files, piston service tools, brake lathes, and exhaust cutters are available for professionals.

The company never stops in its quest to develop new tools and improve existing pieces for a more efficient and effective time in the workplace - starting with the very first interchangeable wrenches and sockets to the more recently developed ergonomic hacksaw handles and stronger screwdriver materials. A trademark invention of Snap-on is the Flank Drive, a uniquely designed set of wrenches that had been the result of the very first changes in the open-wrench design for over a century.

Snap-on tools are more expensive than other brands because of their extensive engineering and dependable durability. For home users and DIY mechanics, the Snap-on “Blue Point” hand tool line is available at lower prices.

Snap-on Warranties

As mentioned earlier, one of the best things that drive consumers to choose Snap-on is their extensive warranties. Basically, if a hammer handle cracks or a screwdriver becomes blunt enough that you can’t use it anymore, you can return the tool for either a repair or replacement. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the tool with you - as long as it it fails to function normally, the warranty will still stand. Professionals often invest a lot of money into their tools, so this warranty is a godsend, especially for specialty tools.

Snap-on Power Tools

Aside from hand tools, Snap-on also manufactures specialized and heavy-duty power tools. These include air hammers, ratchets, air drills, cordless screwdrivers, impact wrenches, polishers, and electric grinders. A number of components that wear faster (e.g. drills and screwdrivers) are not warranted, but repairs and/or replacements are given for mechanical defects.

Snap-on Tool Storage

Professional mechanics and technicians have tool sets beyond the average weekend mechanic’s dreams. You can probably fill a full walk-in closet with them. Snap-on offers an entire line of toolboxes in large scales. These are heavy-duty drawers that are able to take on the weight of the heaviest power tools. Tool boxes, cabinets, lockers and various accessories are available in different colors, too, as well as size and style. These can easily fit the preferences of any mechanic or technician.

Typically, tool storage costs thousands of dollars. Snap-on dealers work with mechanics with regular payment plans, credit lines, and even trade-in offers (old tool boxes) - just like car salesmen do. A number of toolbox line components can also be warranted for product malfunctions or any defects.

Snap-on has been around for almost a century now, and it still remains on top of the list of dependable tool manufacturers today because of its quest to create the best quality of tools and mechanics’ accessories and to protect professionals with its extensive warranties.

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