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Pneumatic Tools for the Mechanic

Pneumatic Tools For The Mechanic

There are several types of pneumatic tools for the mechanic that are useful for an auto mechanic to perform various activities. These are categorized between principal and secondary types depending on the job that needs to be done.

When you bring your car to an auto shop or go to a mechanic school, you will be introduced to the different types of pneumatic tools. These will also come in various brands and sizes. All of these generally work via air compression and they make the job faster and easier for professionals and DIY workers.

Pneumatic Screw guns and nail guns

Mechanics who need to fix metal and other components will need a nail gun or screw gun. These provide more accurate and cleaner results when compared to manual nailing or drilling. The guns will shoot screws and nails to properly put sheets of metal into place, as well as securing vehicle components or helping with carpentry work. Car mechanics can continue working even when they’re under the car when using pneumatic screw or nail guns.

Paint sprayers

Pneumatic paint sprayers can efficiently and conveniently spray and coat paint on the car or on any other surface. This is very useful when fixing the body of the vehicle.

The pneumatic paint sprayer works by shooting the paint after it has been placed inside a special chamber. There is a trigger that you can pull to spray paint from the tip of the gun or nozzle. You can also adjust the nozzle so that you can determine the shape, rate, and size of the paint that goes out of the device.


A pneumatic drill will make it easier to bore holes in metal and other solid components. Compressed air will produce a rotary movement. Fastening will be much easier with the equipment available, as the pistol-grip drill will be linked to an air compressor. Car mechanics use drills quite a bit when repairing the body and the chassis of the car.

Pounding devices

Pneumatic pounding devices are also useful when fixing hard surfaces and solid metal. The chisel will move back and forth to make the necessary trenches and resurfacing. A trigger may also be present in some models. The pounding tool is available in various sizes for different cars.

Pneumatic sanders

A pneumatic sander is useful when treating the exterior or body of the car. Fixing holes, dents, and dings will be done by applying the filler and then sanding it so that the surface stays smooth and even. There is also a flat base where the sandpaper is placed. The handle is located at the top and the device moves in a way that smoothes surfaces effectively.


The grinders are also useful for mechanics when they are fixing the body of the vehicle. Rotary force is applied so that the disc will spin and start grinding. This is useful when smoothing and polishing all kinds of surfaces.

Pneumatic wrenches and screwdrivers

Pneumatic wrenches are very useful for mechanics when fastening tools and spinning sockets. The screw drivers will also quickly put in the needed screws on various parts of the vehicle. This pneumatic tool works via rotary force and leads' to very clean and accurate results.

Pneumatic tools generally work via electricity. They can cost hundreds of dollars. The bigger models can cost over $1,000 depending on the brand and model. Overall, mechanics find pneumatic tools helpful in making their job quicker and more efficient.

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