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OTC Tools Overview

OTC Tools Overview

When it comes to keeping a modern automobile running, the tools required are much more complicated than those of old. While cars manufactured as recently as the 1960s could largely be serviced and maintained with little more than a set of wrenches and a well-stocked garage workbench, modern automobiles are much more complex. Boasting integrated computer systems and complex fuel systems, complete auto maintenance requires tools that are specifically designed and crafted to work inside these wonders of engineering. That’s why OTC tools are the tools to use.

The Right Tools for the Job

They may be costly, but the right tools for auto work are worth the investment. Trying to use sub-par equipment, or substituting the wrong tool for a job are sure-fire ways to damage the delicate machinery under the hood. It always pays to use a trusted brand of auto tool, even if it costs a little more to purchase. The long life of a quality-made product will pay for itself in the long run.

When it comes to working with diagnostic instruments, on a vehicle's fuel system, or any maintenance in between, OTC tools provides quality products a mechanic can depend on. For quality tools and products, OTC has been supplying mechanics since its founding in 1925. In 1985 the company was sold to a multi-national company known as the SPX Corporation, and today can proudly call itself a member of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

Manufacturer Specific

On top of a large catalog of general automotive maintenance tools, such as light and heavy duty pullers, all purpose jacks, and shop equipment, OTC Tools also manufactures and sells manufacturer specific auto tools. Such speciality parts such as an oxygen sensor socket, crankshaft pulley holding, or a head bolt socket (all made specifically for use with vehicles manufactured by Toyota), are just a few examples of OTC’s specialty offerings.

The importance of manufacturer specific tools is a symptom of the changing nature of auto repair that was mentioned earlier. Not only are vehicles becoming more complex, compartmentalized, and harder for the layman to work on or modify, but companies are adding to the difficulties as well. In the true spirit of free-market competition, most automakers now use special, proprietary parts when producing their vehicles, which can be as specific as the type of head on a screw.

An Investment Any Mechanic Won’t Soon Regret

Often times an automobile can be a great investment, and when they begin to have mechanical problems it’s no wonder that people are concerned about getting them back to working order. For mechanics, the livelihood of their business depends on nurturing and rewarding the trust people place in them to take care of their vehicle, and often times a large part of their livelihood.

OTC tools do just that, by ensuring that only tools that are of the highest quality are a part of the repair. The risk of using a cheaper or inferior product is too great to take, and in the age of the internet, it only takes one or two dissatisfied customers to sink a business. Why would anyone take that chance? The answer is obvious when it comes to making the most out of every auto repair, and that answer is OTC.

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