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Mechanics Tools for the Mechanic Shop

Mechanics Tools for the Mechanic Shop 

There is a big difference between fixing your own car as a hobby and opening a professional mechanic shop so you can fix other people’s vehicles. If you’re ready to make the leap and start your own business, chances are you will need to acquire some tools to fill your shop. If you’ve gone through the licensing requirements, completed some entrepreneurial courses, and have a solid understanding of how to fix cars, then you should already know what some of the more basic tools are that you will need. Just in case, however, here is a list of tools that will get you started. 

Hand Tools

These include a variety of wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, lockout tools, pliers, mirror tools, antennae tools, files and sharpeners. No matter how big the job is, there will always be times when you need to get into tight spaces that don’t allow for electrical or air tools. Fine, intricate work needs to be done by smaller, more refined tools.

Air Compressor and Air Tools

Air tools are essential for bigger jobs and will get your projects completed in half the time. You’ll need an air compressor and accessories such as hoses as well. Consider air tools such as wrenches, grinders, paint guns, hammers and ratchets to start your collection.  

Car Jacks

These are an absolute must and you should have more than one that can handle economy cars as well as large SUV’s. Don’t skimp out on cheap quality car jacks; you’ll need heavy-duty jacks that won’t slip or give out when you’re under the vehicle.    

Diagnostic tools

Today’s vehicles and systems are extremely complex, and you will need some computerized as well as non-computerized diagnostic tools to help you determine what’s wrong.  Start with some of the more simple diagnostic tools first, and add to your collection when your budget allows. 

Supply of Shop Towels and Cleaners

Let’s face it – you’re going to get dirty working on all of those vehicles. Actually, you’re sure to be covered in grease by the end of the day. You’ll need a hefty supply of industrial-strength cleaners and plenty of shop towels to make sure that you can clean up properly at the end of the day, and several points in between.


You should have a collection of manuals on-hand, both for the vehicles themselves and for the tools that you acquire. You’ll find that you just might have to refer to them often, especially if you are just starting out. As you gain more experience, you be able to put at least some of the manuals in the back of your tool box. 

Tool Box

You’ll need something to put all of those tools in!  There are many styles to choose from, with different storage capacities. You don’t have to start out buying the most expensive or biggest unit available; but you should buy something that can hold what you have so far, and plan to expand in the future, as your inventory of tools gets larger. 

Head on over to and start filling your shop with all of the necessary tools and accessories you need in order to operate a successful business. Your customers will thank you, and you’ll build a sustainable enterprise that will last for years to come!

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