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Mechanic Tools used for Body Repair

Mechanic Tools Used for Body Repair

If you love your car, you will always keep a home kit for repairing your car’s body parts. Even if you are not that enthusiastic about them, keep some basic tools with you so that if you are stuck in a situation where you cannot find any mechanic, you can still repair your car and get it moving. This will save you both time and money.

Another point for why you should have these tools with you is that if your car is having a little trouble, you can fix it yourself. Otherwise, a mechanic would charge you highly because of the emergency situation he or she was called in.

Common sense suggests that cars perform best when they are regularly checked for maintenance needs. This not only keeps them in top condition but it also enhances the life of its parts. However, if you have little knowledge or no experience, you should probably not attempt to repair everything. Like, for example, never attempt to replace a conked out clutch by yourself. Let the professionals do their job. However, there is no harm in changing fuel filters or repairing spark plugs.

Following is a list of some tools used by a mechanic to repair a car’s body:

Frame Machines

This tool is used to bend the damaged or deformed frame of a car back to its original shape. This is done with the help of a computer controlled unit. Cars who have been in an accident are given their original shape back using this superb tool.


In order to move heavy machinery around the workshop, mechanics make use of hoists made of chains and pulleys. This way only one man is required for moving the load which would require several men if done manually.

Hammers and Anvils

These tools are used to correct the largest dents and for shaping body panels. This is just to get the body in shape for the next step of auto repair. Not all car mechanics would have hoists but hammers and anvils are the most basic of tools that all mechanic workshops have.

Sanders and Fillers

Fillers are used after the dents are cleared out. These make the auto surface smooth, taking care of small scratches and dents that could not have been corrected with hammer and anvils. Before the final step, the car’s body is smoothed out by rubbing a sandpaper on it. This is very important as the smoother the surface is the better/smoother the paint will appear on it.

Spray Tools

When the car has passed through the denting and sanding process, it is then ready for its final painting job. A paint gun, an air compressor, and some liquid paint is required in this process. Many coats of very thin layers/films of paint are sprayed on the car’s body such that each layer is allowed to dry and smooth out. Lastly, a clear protective top coating (or several top coatings) is applied on top of this paint layer which is used to increase the life of car’s body paint.

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