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KD Tools-Gearwrench- Overview

Overview of GearWrench

Every mechanic will tell you they are only as good as their wrench. When it comes to wrenches, GearWrench is at the top of any mechanic’s list of reliability. Known for its ratcheting wrench design, GearWrench has set a new bar for quality and versatility. The Sparks, Maryland-based company has made strides with its innovations in pass-thru ratchets, sockets, pliers, screw/nut drivers and other speciality tools. To date, more than 70 million products engineered by GearWrench have been put to the test by professionals all over the world.

Innovations of GearWrench

GearWrench has been known for the ratcheting wrench since its inception. Since its debut in 1997, the GearWrench ratcheting wrench has become the choice of professionals. These wrenches offer five degree ratcheting to combine power with speed. Getting the job done with quality and efficiency is the goal of all GearWrench tools. Building on the advancement of the ratcheting wrench, GearWrench has put its engineering vision to use on several other tools.

The GearWrench 120XP ratchet is designed to impress and perform. This innovative hand tool allows the user to turn fasteners with just three degrees of swing. This makes getting jobs done in the hard to reach areas a snap. The 120XP has 120 positions for every complete turn of the ratchet. It is available in ¼, ⅜, and ½ drive sizes, offering a wide range of options for any application.

GearWrench’s XL Series wrench takes the technology to new lengths. The full XL product line is designed with strength, comfort and access in mind. This product line has built on the quality GearWrench has been known for since revolutionizing the ratcheting wrench. The firmer grim, extended reach, and added flexibility make the XL series bigger and better.

The GearWrench Indexing Pry Bar allows for ultimate strength and flexibility. This leap forward reaches five times the ASME standard for a regular pry bar of the same length. The indexing pry bar comes in sizes, from 8 to 33 inches. Adjustable length pry bars are also available, which with just the push of the button can shrink down to fit into most standard tool boxes, yet offer the strength for any job.

GearWrench has also created a better way for the use of pliers, screwdrivers and torque wrenches. The company’s speciality tools include innovations with the tire pressure monitoring system, magnetic oil drain plug sockets and serpentine belt tools. All of which have quality and efficiency in mind for any situation.

Why GearWrench

When working with a sub-standard tool, it is easy to compromise any job. Whether you are changing the oil on the minivan to make it to soccer practice, or changing the tires on a race car, the precision and excellence of a GearWrench hand or torque tool will get the job done right the first time.

Since the GearWrench patented its 50 ratcheting wrench in 1997 it has put quality behind every tool that bears its name. In fact, all hand tools from GearWrench are guaranteed to be free of defects in the material and workmanship for life. Torque products made by GearWrench are guaranteed to be without defect for one year.

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