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Heavy Duty Impact Tools and their Safe Use

Heavy Duty Impact Tools and their Safe Use

Impact tools have seen a growth in popularity over the last few years mainly thanks to the advancement in electric motor and battery technology. Their level of performance has increased exponentially and they are now quite common in workshops. There are a lot of different kinds of heavy duty impact tools and common ones are air ratchets and impact drivers. They come in different sizes depending on the type of work you want to do with them. Learning about heavy duty impact tools and their safe use is very important. Injuries are not uncommon and accidents can have deadly consequences.

Precautions and Safety Checks

When working in a workshop with heavy duty tools, it is important to perform some safety checks before actually doing any work. Thoroughly review and understand the information provided by the manufacturer of the tools you use. Pay particular attention to the descriptions of safety procedures no matter how lengthy the may be. You can also find extensive manuals online that have detailed information on how to use various heavy duty impact tools.

Assess the condition of the impact tool you will use. Check for any damaged or missing parts and make sure that everything is secure. If a tool is damaged in any way, no matter how minor, send it to get repaired. Impact tools are very powerful and the smallest mishap can cause them to malfunction which can lead to unwanted accidents.

Personal Safety

Before using any heavy duty impact tools, take care of your own personal safety first. Wear safety glasses with side protectors to shield your eyes from any flying debris. Avoid wearing loose clothing and long sleeved shirts. Do not wear a tie or any jewelry when operating heavy duty impact tools and tie your hair back or wear a cap. Cover your nose and mouth to protect yourself from inhaling anything dangerous, and always wear rubber gloves on your hands.

Some heavy duty impact tools like air impact wrenches can create noise of over 100 decibels. Wear earplugs when operating such tools. Impact tools also create vibrations that can cause discomfort in the arms after prolonged use. Stop using the tool if the sensation becomes unbearable and take a short break to recover your senses.

Points to Note

Impact tools like air drivers can deliver large amounts of torque, over 1,500 foot-pounds. That is an incredible amount of power. Novice mechanics should avoid using such tools until they become more experienced. Extensively study heavy duty impact tools and their safe use before you attempt to operate them and make sure you are under supervision when using them for the first time. According to statistics performed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 3,300 people were treated in hospitals in the year 2004 for power tool related injuries. 10 percent of the injuries were to the eye, while 50 percent involved lacerations to the fingers and hands. These numbers should stress the importance of paying attention to your personal safety and learning how to safely use heavy duty tools.

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