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Essential Mechanic Tools for the Car Body Shop

Essential Mechanic Tools for the Auto Body Shop

Whether you are restoring your own vehicle or you own a car restoration shop, you need essential mechanical tools to ensure that the finished product is done in a timely manner and with a professional edge. If you are a professional, you want to protect your reputation by making sure that your clients’ vehicles look their absolute best. If you are a hobbyist who is restoring your own vehicle, you want to protect your investment, show off to all of your friends, and maybe impress the ladies as well.   

Here are a few essential tools that you will need to make your restored vehicles look their best.  

Car Jack:  For repairs and bodywork that must be done underneath the vehicle, you will need a car jack so you can get to the area on the underbody.  Make sure you have the right size jack for the size vehicle you are restoring; always follow proper safety guidelines when using a car jack. Many mechanics, professionals and hobbyists alike, have been seriously injured by trying to cut corners.

Air Compressor: Air compressors are now widely used to operate tools that use air such as air drills, air ratchets, spray equipment and impact wrenches.  An air compressor is needed in order to use these air tools properly and complete repair jobs.

Welder: You will need a welder to complete a large portion of your auto body repairs, especially for panel replacements. It is an essential piece of equipment for replacing damaged sections of a vehicle such as rocker panels, quarter panels or roof skins. 

Sander:  A dual action sander will be an invaluable tool for removing scratches or chips on the body panel, as well as smoothing out body filler to make it blend and give it a feather-edge look. A sander will cut your time in half over using a wet or dry sander, or sanding down by hand.  Hook it up to your air compressor using an air hose.  

Sandpaper: No matter what type of sander you use, you’ll need a supply of sandpaper. They come in different varieties, from course to thin. There will always be some repair jobs that require you to sand by hand, either because the job is a delicate one, or the area is too small to fit a sanding machine.  

Automotive Paint Gun: Once all of the body work is completed, you’ll need an automotive paint gun to finish your project. Make sure you use only the best quality paint, and a paint gun that is specifically designed for automobiles. Most guns can be set to paint small or large areas, and are connected to the air compressor via an air hose. This is an essential tool if you want a truly professional looking finish.    

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