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Essential Mechanic Tools Required by the Auto Technician

Essential Mechanic Tools Required by the Auto Technician

Auto Technicians are in high demand. As the demand for master mechanics increases, vocational and technical colleges are often able to guarantee immediate job placement upon graduation.

If you are thinking about becoming an auto technician, there are some tools that are essential to your trade. Most of these tools will be acquired while you are in school and others will probably be acquired as you need them.

Here’s a list of must-have tools to start out in the field of auto technician:

Hand Tools

        Socket Sets--Socket sets should include ratchets, extensions, breaker bars, and universal joints.

        1/4“ drive

        3/8“ drive

        1/2“ drive


        Combination wrench

        Hex (Allen) wrench

        Tubing wrench

        Torque wrench

        Small swivel oil filter wrench

        Large swivel oil filter wrench

        Screwdrivers--Blade and Phillips

        Blade: 1/4“ x 6”; 1/4“x 9”; 3/8“x 9”; 3/8“x 16”; pocket and stubby

        Phillips: Tip numbers 1, 2, and 3; pocket and stubby


        Ball peen

        Dead blow

        Hand drilling

        Hubcap hammer


        Needle nose

        Long reach end

        Vise grip

        Slip joint

        Combination stripper/crimper pliers

        Side cutters

        Constant tension clamp pliers

        Retaining Ring Pliers



        Pry Bars

        Rolling head


        Punch and Chisel Set

        Tamper Proof Bits (Screwdriver or Socket)

        Files with Handles

Electrical Tools

        12 Volt Test Tester

        Remote Starter Switch

        Insulation Piercing Test Probes

        Remote Starter Switch

        Ignition Spark Tester

        Electrical Tape

Small or Miscellaneous Tools

        Flexible Magnetic Pick-up Tool

        Pocket Knife


        Drop Light

        Tape Measure


        Inspection Mirror

        Gap Tool

        Cordless Drill

        Tire Gauge

        Soldering Gun/Soldering Iron

        Door Panel Removal Tool

        OBD Interface Scanner

        Jack and Jack Stand

Air Tools

        3/8“ Drive Air Ratchet

        1/2“ Drive Air Impact Wrench

Safety Tools

        Eye Protection/Safety Glasses

        Ear Protection

        Safety Shoes

Tool Box

        Locking Roll Away

There is no definitive list of tools available for every mechanic. Your tool collection will grow over time as your skills increase. The nice thing is that there are places that take the worry out of searching by putting together basic mechanic kits for you. By purchasing a starter kit, you can save yourself the time and hassle of making small purchases here and there and buying most of the basics all at once.

If you decide to specialize in a particular brand of automobile service, you can purchase tool sets made specifically for servicing that brand. There are specialty tools for BMW, Mercedes, GM, Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota/Lexus, and Volkswagen/Audi.

One of things you won’t find on most lists of required tools is a computer; however, computers are vital tools to assist with diagnosing and detecting problems with vehicles. Technology is moving forward quicker than ever, though, and there are now some OBD scanners that utilize bluetooth that work with your phone’s IOS or Android operating systems. This makes it easier than ever to diagnose car trouble.

However you choose to build your tool collection is up to you but if you have to borrow it at least once, you’ll probably need to borrow it again sometime in the near future.

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