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Engineering Tools for the Mechanic

Engineering Tools for the Mechanic

A mechanic who uses engineering tools as part of his daily work is, naturally, a person who deals with every aspect that technology has to offer. Mechanical engineering is a very diverse system which includes a lot of fields, but focuses mainly on three major areas of technology:



        Design Mechanics

Each one of these areas is in itself a large, complex system, and a mechanical engineer is responsible for every aspect regarding research, design, development, testing or manufacturing. It sounds like hard work for the average person, but it is more of a hobby rather than a regular job for those who practice it passionately.

What a Mechanical Engineer Deals with Every Day

In order to be efficient and prepared for their job, a mechanic has to have the best engineering tools at their reach. Since this kind of job is indeed a very complex one, it is natural for a mechanic to make use of a variety of utensils and devices, some more sophisticated than others.

The use of these engineering tools is vast and mechanics must be very precise and focused when they are working with them. For example, a mechanical engineer will need them if he wants to sketch technical drawings, test or investigate equipment, or if he wants to monitor the production of a piece of machinery.

He will also need to have solid knowledge of mathematics, geometry, and computer science in order to work precisely with his engineering tools. So if you are more of a... literary spirit, then perhaps you are not the most adequate person to walk in the shoes of a mechanic...

So what are the Best Engineering Tools for the Mechanic?

        Calipers - this is an extremely useful engineering tool for every mechanic, because it helps them measure object?s thickness, their inside or outside diameters, and their depth. There are different kinds of calipers, each one with a different use and function.  But they are useless if you don?t know how to ?read? them. Indeed, for the most accurate results and measurements, a mechanic has to know how to use them.

        Flow meters - mechanics use them to measure liquids and gases, and it indicates the linear, mass or volumetric flow rates. These flow meters are necessary if you want to identify any vibrations or magnetic fields. The flow meter is a very complex engineering tool and it comes in many types and variations, so make sure you know which one you need for the next job.

        Dial indicator and force gauge - you can use them either separately or concomitantly, as they come in quite handy if used together. If most people know a force gauge is used to measure applied force, the role of a dial indicator is not that well-known. Are you curious? Well, mechanics use the latter to measure small distances and angles, to amplify them so that they are easy to see. A mechanical engineer will say that, ?a dial indicator is used for measuring change in position.?

        The chapman set - this is a multi functional device that pretty much everyone is familiar with. They are very useful to mechanics because they usually have ratchets attached to their tips, thus making them quite practical and easy to handle. The difference between chapman sets and regular screwdrivers is that they allow users to reach tight spaces, something normal screwdrivers can?t do.


Of course, this is just a glimpse into what it means to be a mechanic and operate with the tools and machinery a mechanic does.  If you want to be effective and professional with your work, you need to be able to understand the various uses of these engineering tools and master them.


You know you are a good mechanic when you make things seem easy to do and tools seem easy to use. Just like pro?s do. Dexterity and experience are truly the key aspects for a mechanic?s professionalism and success. The quality of your engineering tools are also important  in the final result of your work.

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