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Craftsmen Sets for the Mechanic

Craftsmen Sets for the Mechanic

Craftsman is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanic tools. There are more than 2,000 different tools for mechanics - from basic screwdrivers and pliers to specialty tools like spring compressors and brake set modules. Only 7% of its products are directed towards professional mechanics - the rest cater to the day to day needs of backyard mechanics and weekend DIYers. Typically, mechanics choose a specific type of tool or tool set to specialize in - say, outdoor power equipment, motorcycle parts, or car parts, etc. The work involves diagnosing and then repairing fuel, electrical and mechanical problems. Below are some of the tools that Craftsman has made popular and essential for all mechanics, followed by other tools that apply to other fields of work.

        Sockets and Wrenches - Craftsmen sets for the mechanic include professional box-end chrome vanadium wrenches, which are similar to standard wrenches except for the tool finish. Professional wrenches are finished with a high-polished luster, which makes it easier for the mechanic to clean the tool up after use. Socket wrenches by Craftsman are constructed in the same fashion.

        Pliers - Craftsman pliers, like their adjustable wrenches, have dual-material handles which give you more comfort when using them. There is a wide array of sizes to cater to different needs of professional mechanics. Pliers are available in Craftsman sets for the mechanic or as individual pieces.

        Power Tools - Power tools include electrical tools and air tools, such as impact wrenches and ratchets. You can use these best with Craftsman impact sockets. The impact wrenches have composite bodies that use ergonomic grips, magnesium hammer mechanics and reverse mechanisms.

        Screwdrivers - Craftsman screwdrivers give you the benefit that only dual-material ergonomic handles can offer, although standard counterparts are also available. These professional handles allow for lighter weight and stronger results than the regular ones, and they fit in your hand perfectly, giving you the right torque that you need without being too heavy or uncomfortable.

Craftsman Tools for Carpentry

Craftsman tools aren’t just for mechanics. Carpenters make use of different tools to build or repair buildings and objects made of wood and other similar materials. Measuring, cutting and shaping wood requires the services of tools like saws, drills, chisels and planes. Nails, staples and screws are used to keep pieces together. Tools like levels, framing squares and plumb bobs are used to check work accuracy. Craftsman has over 250 hand tools that can help out DIY carpenters, a handful of which are preferred by professionals as well.

Craftsman Tools for Plumbing

Plumbers also require tools for the work that they do. Installing and repairing different types of pipes and water, waste and gas systems become easier with Craftsman plumbing tools, which are primarily designed for DIY plumbers. Installation of fixtures and appliances like toilets, tubs, and water heaters also requires these tools. There are more than 550 plumbing tools manufactured by Craftsman, from different wrenches to more general purpose tools like hammers, tape measures and pliers.

General Purpose Craftsman Tools

Some tools get the job done easily. These tools can be used by mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, or anyone else as long as the task doesn’t require any form of specialized skill or work. General purpose tools include screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, pliers, files, and sockets, among others. There are over 2200 general purpose tools in the Craftsman shelves, the majority of which are perfect for DIYers.

The company continues with different innovations to this day, which allow for jobs to be performed in newer and more efficient ways. Craftsman tools are best known for this feature, along with their design that makes it easy for non-skilled mechanics and DIYers do the job on their own.

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