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Tools Needed for DIY Automotive Repair and for Becoming a Master Mechanic

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/28/2013 to Info News
Master mechanics have a lot of experience and hands-on training under their belt before they’ve gotten to where they are.

Choosing Automotive Tools

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/27/2013 to Info News
Tools are very important when taking on a car repair project. This often brings the question of which brands to go with.

Automotive Repair Tools 101

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/25/2013 to Info News
If you’re planning to be an auto mechanic or electrician, one of the most basic things that you need to learn about are the tools of the trade.

Summary of Posts: February 24th 2013

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/24/2013 to Info News
In this cycle, we talk about different maintenance tips and tricks to keep your cars and your tools in top shape, so that you can make use of both for the longest time possible. We also focus on one tool in particular, along with other DIY stories. These are our covered topics:

On Longevity and Dependability: Automotive Tools

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/23/2013 to Info News
Proper maintenance is a key aspect when trying to make the most of anything for the longest time possible. For example, your computer will serve you more efficiently if it undergoes routine virus scans and software updates.

Using Automotive Tools and Tricks for Efficiency

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/22/2013
Owning a vehicle means you will be faced with maintenance costs. You can cut down expensive repair costs as long as you perform routine maintenance.

Tools Needed for DIY Automotive Repair and the Right Automotive Schools

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/21/2013 to Info News
If you want to make a name for yourself in the auto repair industry, there are several things that you should keep in mind. First of all, you need to undergo training and education.

Automotive Repair Tools Needed for a Battery Change

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/19/2013 to Info News
Car batteries need changing every now and then. After a few years, you’ll probably need to replace your battery to keep your car working properly.

Keeping Automotive Tools Clean

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/18/2013 to Info News
If you own (and use) automotive tools, it’s inevitable that they will get dirty and greasy. Keeping your tools clean and in working shape is essential to ensure that you’ll be able to use them for a longer time.

Summary of Posts: February 17th 2013

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/17/2013 to Info News
The auto repair industry is one of the few that keeps holding on no matter how the economy fares. After all, car problems won’t stop happening just because business has. Check out the different automotive stories we have in store for you:

A Career With Automotive Tools (and Much More)

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/16/2013 to Info News
If you love getting dirty and down in the garage, then a career in auto repair might be just right for you. When you hear about auto mechanics and technicians, the first thing that probably enters your mind is being skilled with automotive tools and pretty much nothing else. This may come as a surprise, but believe it or not, there is so much more to it than it sounds.

Automotive Diagnostic Tools Walkthrough

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/15/2013 to Info News
Brian Mann is one guy who knows his cars and his tools. Being able to catch a problem before it gets unsalvageable is his expertise.

Be the Automotive Tools Authority

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/14/2013 to Info News
Automotive tools are only one facet of being a good mechanic or technician. Learning what each tool is for and how to use it, though, is just the façade of an automotive career.

Fact or Fiction, Automotive Tools Edition

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/13/2013 to Info News
Like in most respects, there are a lot of myths and hearsay about automotive tools and car repair. Some of these, including battery testing and maintenance myths, are confronted head-on in this article from

Automotive Diagnostic Tools for no Spark Engines

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/12/2013 to Info News
“No spark” is a common problem for car engines, and with the right automotive diagnostic tools, any garage do-it-yourselfer can catch it on his own.

Automotive Repair Tools 101

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/11/2013 to Info News
Before you get into fixing your cars or motorcycles in your own garage, you need to learn at least the basic things about automotive repair tools.

Summary of Posts: February 10th 2013

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/10/2013 to Info News
Car fanatics love to keep their repair kits up-to-date with the latest in design and technology. Not only that, they love to help out other people do a little car maintenance effort at home. One should always keep an automotive diagnostic tools kit and a repairing kit with them while driving. This will help in case you come across a situation when help cannot reach you fast enough.

Best Use of Tools Needed for DIY Automotive Repair

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/9/2013 to Info News
Who would not want his car to remain in top condition with little effort? If you do some repair every now and then, that will keep your car running perfectly for long. If you follow a few simple tips regularly, you will not need to seek a professional help.

Innova’s New Line of Automotive Diagnostic Tools

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/8/2013 to Info News
Special automotive diagnostic tools that are designed by professionals for professional are being introduced by Innova Electronics Corporation.

Changing Flat Tires Using Automotive Repair Tools

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/7/2013 to Info News
You should always keep automotive repair tools in case of any emergency like a flat tire somewhere where help is not near. An article in popular mechanics explains step by step how you can change a flat tire.

Using Electronic Automotive Tools

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/6/2013 to Info News
Matthew Wright writes about electronic torque wrench; one of those automotive tools required to repair a car, especially in situations where precision matters more.

Fix a Car’s Air Conditioner Using Automotive Diagnostic Tools

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/5/2013 to Info News
Do not worry if your automobile’s air conditioner fails; using automotive diagnostic tools, you can locate the problem area and then work out on fixing it.

Use Tools Needed for DIY Automotive Repair and Save Money

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/4/2013
Do you want to save money on your car repair? Gordon Hard writes some expert tips on saving money while repairing your automobiles using the tools needed for DIY automotive repair.

Summary of Posts: February 3rd 2013

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/3/2013 to Info News
This week we took a look at the problems facing Chevrolet Volt dealers around the country, looked at some air tools for DIY repairs and learnt how to repair your own Jeep. We also learnt all about changing car oil:

High Price of Automotive Tools Stops Dealers From Carrying The Volt

Posted by Chris Smith on 2/2/2013 to Info News
Chevrolet dealers in Detroit have decided to stop carrying the plug-in hybrid Volt because of the additional cost of automotive tools that they have to purchase in order to service the vehicle. Dealerships stated that their sales do not justify the extra $5,100 they have to pay for tools. General Motors had notified dealers about the added cost of tools, among other requirements, to keep selling and servicing the Volt in November last year, but a month later, dealers noticed that the additional costs meant it was not worth carrying the vehicle.
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