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Choosing a Car: Balancing Performance and Practicality

Posted by Chris Smith on 12/18/2013 to Air Tools
When most people think of practicality, they think of minivans, SUVs and family sedans. Some might ask, “Why not just get a sports car?” They don’t realize that maybe you have a family and that a traditional coupe just won’t fit the bill when you have kids to haul around (not to mention the hurdles of trying to convince your significant other to let you get one in the first place).

Looking Like New – Tips for Easy Dent Removal

Posted by Chris Smith on 12/12/2013 to Vehicle Specific Tools
No matter how careful you are with your car, chances are that at some point you will end up with a dent in your car’s body.

Tools of the Trade: Best Buys

Posted by Chris Smith on 12/10/2013 to Engine Tools
Just when you think you have all the tools you need, a job comes along requiring what seems to be that one tool you don’t have. Well, here are a few suggestions that should come in handy in a variety of situations, whether it’s restoring that old Buick or putting together a new storage cabinet.

Diagnosing Transmission Problems

Posted by Chris Smith on 12/3/2013 to Diagnostics
There are thousands of parts in a car, all of which must come together to perform a multitude of tasks. The transmission is one of the most important and expensive components of a car, and one that your vehicle just simply won’t run without.
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