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You Don't Know Jack! - Proper Jack Safety

Posted by on 10/8/2013 to Diagnostics
Proper Jack Safety Jacks boast incredible power. These devices can lift cars off of the ground so that one can change a tire or slip beneath to work on the undercarriage. However, with this great amount of power should come quite a bit of caution. If used improperly, a jack tool kit can be an enormous safety risk.
The first step in Jack Safety is to make sure that the weight of your vehicle is within the realm of what your jack can hold. Next, examine your jack for any cracks or other signs of wear. To avoid them altogether, store it properly and use it with care; throwing your jack on the ground or dropping it often can put you at risk. 
 Next, examine the ground where you will place the jack, as it must lie completely flat when in use. Often times, people will use jacks outdoors without compensating for uneven ground; to avoid any shifting or sinking that this might cause, place a wooden plank or other flat surface beneath your jack before using it. To further prevent any shifting, place wooden blocks around one of your car's wheels that has remained on the ground.
 The rules of Jack Safety do not end there. As you engage your jack tool kit and raise your car off the ground, keep an eye on both the car's and the jack's positions—if anything looks off-kilter, bring the jack back down to the ground, reset it, and try again. Once the jack is securely in place and everything looks level, remove the jack handle. Walking or bumping into the jack handle could be a bit painful.
 Once your car is lifted, place wood or blocks beneath the lifted part of the car, so as to take some of the pressure off of the jack itself. Although the jack is capable of holding a lot of weight, it's best not to push it to its limit. It's also important to note that cinderblocks should not be used to bear any of these loads. Although seemingly strong and durable, cinderblocks have been known to shatter beneath such weight. 
 Adhering to the tenants of Jack Safety will keep both you and your car safe. Now, you do know jack about how to do it.

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