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Workplace Safety Week

Posted by on 5/20/2013 to Workplace Safety

Unless we make safety a priority in the garage, automotive mechanics can be a dangerous job. Working under lifts, in pits, hoisting engines; what the Bureau of Labor Statistics dryly labels “Contact with Equipment” is a real and potentially fatal possibility.

Fortunately, mechanical work isn't inherently dangerous. Much of the risks can be controlled through safety best practices, while effective response can mitigate the impact of accidents when they occur. This week at Hands On Tools, we're focused on workplace safety. We'll pull together some of the best and most accessible safety-related content the web has to offer for you to review, share, and discuss.

We say workplace safety is our weekly focus, but it should be daily. If we watch each others' backs and follow established best practices, everyone should get home safe, every day.

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