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Working on Trucks

Posted by on 5/27/2013 to Working on Trucks

Trucks. They're the workhorses of our modern economy, transporting everything from food, to tools, to other trucks. All this wear and tear demands robust, high-endurance solutions for maintenance and mechanical issues. When a truck fails on the job, it can ruin more than your day.

HandsOn Tools is proud to dedicate a week to these workhorses. We'll bring you stories of epic amateur repairs, both great and terrible. We'll link you to the Cinderella story of a $200 Suburban turned car show hauler and to news of an easy-to-build, low-maintenance beast of a truck built to put rural Africa on wheels.

We'll also link you to an emerging discussion of the single most pervasive, damaging chemical on the road, today - at least, from your engine and fuel system's perspective.

Stay with us for a week-long salute to the truck:  working on them, restoring them, and building them better.

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