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Will Guns Just be Tools for the Police and Military?

Posted by on 11/3/2012 to Info News
Guns. Some say guns are just tools of destruction because all they do is kill. Some say that without guns, the world will be a lot safer and peaceful. It is true that the main purpose of a gun is to injure or kill its target. However, there is more than one reason why someone will want to injure or kill somebody or something. In the older days, guns were used in hunting and for protection against predators that run in the wild. Now, guns are still used for protection against criminals or for self-defense against other people. There are some people that still hunt, but hunting is now just a recreational activity, unlike how it used to be in the olden days.

There are some people who are against hunting. They consider this sport as a form of cruelty to animals. Some pro-animal rights groups are now condemning hunting because they say that the sport is a form of savagery and should not be practiced by people. Jarrod Hughes has a different opinion. According to the article “Opinion today: 'Hunting is an essential skill',” Hughes said that is a skill that has been practiced by men since the beginning of time. It is a skill that should not be forgotten because hunting is what men in the old days did to put food on the table. He said that if eating a deer which was shot by a bullet is a form of cruelty, then eating pork killed with a knife is just as bad.

Guns are one of men’s favorite tools. Men like to own one, even if they are not hunting and even if they are not law officers - just like how men love their beers. As long as these three aren’t mixed together in one place, everything should be fine - otherwise it can be dangerous. A really bad example of mixing guns, beer, and men is talked about in the article “Man Leaving N Philly Bar Shot and Killed.” No motive has yet been determined for the killing, but this just proves that men, too much beer, and guns should never be in the same place at the same time.

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