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Vintage VS Innovative: Which is Better?

Posted by on 10/13/2012 to Info News
There are many innovations and advancements in the building industry - engineering, architecture, woodwork, construction, and others. One change that is tearing the preferences of workers and contractors is the use (or lack) of the newer tools to get the job done. 

As always, researchers are always on their toes when trying to create new equipment and tools to make the workers’ jobs a lot easier. Some of these also go beyond just improving the features of these tools and equipment - they go to places where no tool has gone before, with ideas that no worker has probably even thought of ever. A good example of this is the prototype of Alec Rivers and his colleagues, Ph.D students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The prototype proposes a more automated way of handling work, and is essentially made possible by the power tool GPS capability, increasing by a big notch the degree of dexterity and accuracy provided by the tool.

On the other side of the fence, there are those who are strong believers of the ways that things are and have always been. The use of vintage tools may sound outdated to some, even obsolete to a few, but those who still use them and believe that the human effort, skill, and knowledge on the task at hand are the most important tools to get the job done. Tools and equipment are merely accessories to finish the task. Similarly, a veteran craftsman with the name of Joel Haag believes these very philosophies. In addition, Joel (and his family) lives believing that using vintage tools instead of the newer, more sophisticated ones keeps the spirit of tradition and heritage alive. Read the Haags’ story from Dan Haag’s post.

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