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Vehicle Specific Tool Applications and OEM Tools

Posted by on 10/28/2016 to Diesel / Truck / Fleet
We receive questions and emails every day asking if a specific OEM or factory tool will work for a specific vehicle. The question is a very hard one to answer in most cases because the OEM tool companies, such as Miller/Mopar, Kent-Moore, OTC Tools, etc do not publish application information. As a matter of fact, many of these OEM tool companies do not publish a catalog nor do they provide specific product information or product data relating to each individual tool. The car dealerships do have access to these applications and information, but most of this information is not published to the general public.
There are several options on how to find a specific OEM tool for your application.
First, you can find tool application data as well what parts you need, labor hours, step by step instructions on how to do a repair, etc within the vehicle service manual. The service manual is not the same as your owner's manual, as the service manual is a detailed step by step instruction book on how to do virtually every repair on the vehicle. Many service manuals are quite expensive (around $400-$600) and most people do not want to spend the money for such a manual. Another option would be an online service such as Mitchell DIY1, which allows you to access your vehicle service manual as a subscription for a certain period of time.
Secondly, you can try calling your local dealership parts department and see if they will give you the information.
Thirdly, you can try accessing vehicle forums online, however we do caution that not all information in these forums are accurate.
Finally, you can call Handsontools® at 970-204-1930.

A word of caution, do not try to find an OEM tool for your application by using a "picture", as many tools may look the same but they may not be the right size, length, depth, etc to fit your specific application.

Handsontools® carries the web's most extensive collection of factory OEM tools from makes like Kent-Moore, Miller/Mopar, SES Tools and more!

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