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Tracerline® fluorescent dyes (Fluoro-Lite® air conditioning dyes and Dye-Lite® fluid system dyes) are so effective that they have been successfully installed in more than 165 million vehicles to date. Fluoro-Lite® is the only A/C dye that is factory installed in new cars and trucks by auto makers in the U.S., Japan, Europe, China, Brazil, Mexico and Korea. Patented Dye-Lite® All-In-One™ full-spectrum dye, approved by both Ford and General Motors, is a unique formulation that works with all oil-based fluids, including engine oil, fuel, transmission and differential oil, power steering fluid and hydraulic oil. Clear-Blue™ extended-life coolant dye is the choice of Ford for use in all its cars and trucks, while Rite-Blend™ extended-life coolant dye has garnered the approval of General Motors. Both dyes will not discolor the antifreeze in the system, and can safely be used with conventional coolants as well.

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