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Posted by on 8/30/2013 to Workplace Safety
Because of the complex and exacting nature of their work and the sometimes dangerous machinery involved, tool and die makers typically complete many hours of on the job training before they can work safely. They learn exactly how to protect themselves against the daily hazards of the job and how to respond in the result of equipment malfunction. Amateur machinists, however, do not receive such extensive training, and can put themselves at very serious risk of injury, or even death if they aren’t careful. If you are using any tool and die machine or operating any of the precision instruments that go into designing and manufacturing garage gear, it is important to always use the proper protective gear. Eye Wear When using a tool and die set to cut precision tools for your specialty projects, you should always wear safety goggles or glasses. As you cut metal, shards can escape and fly into the air. While most of these shards are incredibly tiny, even these small bits can do serious damage if they are rubbed into an unprotected cornea or tear duct. No matter how clean the work looks, always be sure to protect your eyes against debris. Ear Plugs Tool and die machines can also be incredibly loud. Though the damage they cause to eardrums may not be immediately apparent, even short term use can cause long term damages. Ear plugs or protective headphones can muffle the sounds of the equipment and save you from lifelong hearing loss. Be sure to wear ear plugs at all times when the machines are in use. Gloves and Masks Machinists and tool and die makers should also use gloves and masks whenever they handle lubricants, oils, or other hazardous materials. Many of the liquids and substances that keep the machines running properly are highly corrosive to human skin with repeated or even sporadic exposure. The substances are also poisonous if consumed and can produce toxic fumes if left exposed for too long. Protective gear like masks and gloves combined with a well-ventilated area can help machinists avoid any harmful effects from prolonged exposure.

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