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The Right Auto Hand Tools for the Job

Posted by on 3/30/2013 to Info News
Most amateur garage mechanics make the mistake of just grabbing all auto hand tools in sight whenever they embark on a new DIY project, whether it’s to repair the vehicle or to replace a part that has worn out. This is not entirely, wrong, since you’ve gotten every possible tool that you can need. It can be impractical and a waste of your time and energy, though.

It’s better that you know exactly which auto hand tools you will need - it’s not really a blind shot when you go in and try to hope for the best. Every tool has its specific purpose and capabilities. There’s some things a lug wrench can do that an Allen wrench cannot, for instance. It’s the classic case of which screwdriver to use - so you get the picture. When you replace brake pads, you won’t need the same tools that you’ll need if you will be fixing your car’s alignment issues, or if you’re repairing air conditioning malfunctions.

Preparing the correct auto hand tools for the job at hand (except maybe if you’re doing a lot of repairs all at once) comes in tandem with knowing the exact steps to complete the repair successfully. You won’t waste time rambling about which of these many tools to use, or which step to do first. Professional mechanic or weekend DIY-er, it doesn’t matter - a little organization will definitely go a long way.

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