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The American Workhorse

Posted by on 6/2/2013 to Working on Trucks

In our week-long salute to trucks, we brought you stories of better ways to work on, design, and dress up these proud workhorses.

From the repair perspective, we showed you stories of the best and worst in amateur repairs. Approached with care and the desire to do the right thing, working on your truck is incredibly rewarding; kludged together with HVAC parts, glue, and incompetence, not so much. With the right tools and techniques, a skilled mechanic can perform miracles.

Ethanol presents maintenance and repair issues for truck owners, especially in the absence of a national standard for ethanol percentages in our fuel. To resist its corrosive effects, trucks in high-ethanol states need special fuel pumps and lines, filters, tanks, and seals. It's best to know your state's standards for ethanol content and take steps to harden your engine and fuel system accordingly.

Speaking of hardened systems:  the OX is as hard as they come. Designed as a Third World workhorse, easy to assemble and maintain, the OX is an ideal work truck in almost any conditions. Look for them on farms, job sites, and highways near you in the years to come.

Trucks demand care and respect. Almost any business you can name relies on them, if only indirectly. Trucks haul our food, our tools, and even the clothes we wear. Many trades would be difficult or  impossible without robust and reliable work trucks; imagine retooling our economy to run on literal horse power.

Take care of your truck, because trucks take care of almost everything else.

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