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The Advantages of Automotive Diagnostic Tools

Posted by on 4/14/2013 to Diagnostics

Whether you’re a professional automotive technician or a do-it-yourself home mechanic, it will help to have the right automotive diagnostic tools. These tools will be useful in determining problems in different types of cars. You will find that having these materials around will make the work a whole lot easier and you can finish the job faster.

There are several automotive diagnostic tools available and you can search different sources as well. Know how each one works then find  the one that suits you.

Some Basic Tools

1         Smoke machine. A smoke machine will easily point out problems like an evaporation leak. It is one of the most basic automotive diagnostic tools to have.

2         Laptop computer. Having a computer available will make the work easier because you can easily search for pertinent details when fixing your car. Finding the right solutions, as well as applying different recommended methods, will be much easier when monitored on the laptop computer. You can check the wiring diagram, torque specs and oil intake. The laptop computer is another basic tool that every home or professional car technician must have.

3         Code scanner or engine-diagnostic apps for a smartphone. These apps and gadgets will be useful in fixing basic problems like having a loose gas cap, a dysfunctional engine light, and tracking performance and mileage. The code scanner will provide you with a code that will show where the problem is originating and show you the possible solutions online. You will discover that having these simple tools around will save you a lot of money so you don’t need to go to a professional or check your car in the shop whenever you encounter minor trouble.

4         J2534 Pass Thru Interface. This tool will be useful in showing you potential solutions to small car problems. You can reprogram the ECU as well as check for other abnormalities in the system. Clearing out the codes when you replace car parts will be done quickly with the help of the interface.

5         Subscription of Identifix. You can save a lot of time and effort by having this automotive diagnostic tool available. The identifix subscription will make it very easy to fix your car since you don’t have to wait for a long time to get a diagnosis.

Reasons for Getting the Tools

Investing in automotive diagnostic tools will save time, effort and money.

You don’t have to bring your car to the technician or automotive shop each time you encounter any problem. Minor and major problems can easily be diagnosed just by using the basic tools. You can determine if the problem can be fixed on your own or if it requires professional knowledge and skill.

Diagnosing the problem yourself will also cut costs. You can point out the existing problem to your professional mechanic by showing the results of the diagnostic tools and then ask him to make the necessary repairs.

Having automotive diagnostic tools on hand will also help cut costs because shops know that you understand what needs to be done or replaced. There are some shops that charge exorbitantly for parts and service. If you provide them with your own findings and recommend the solutions, shops will only charge you fair rates each time.

Some people can even earn money and get a return on their investment by diagnosing the cars of friends and neighbors. Over time, your experience and skill in diagnosing problems in vehicles will improve and you can actually offer services to people you know. Some people start out everything as a hobby then make money off it after several months.

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