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Summary of Posts: October 27th 2012

Posted by on 10/27/2012 to Info News

There are times we easily forget what we have just learned because of all the information that is going into our brains. It is just inside there but we sometimes need to jog up the brain so as to remember it all. Let’s jog up our memory a little at what we have discussed:

        We took a break from the serious and informative discussion about hand tools and read some funny jokes about pliers in the article “Pliers Jokes” from

        We heard a very funny joke about the man who found a monkey wrench and wanted to find its owner. Read the funny side of this as told by Austin660 here: “Monkey Wrench.”

        We learned of the five tools which all people who want to repair their car should have in their garage to be able to do some simple car repairs, in the article “Few Essential Tools to Keep, For Your Car Maintenance.”

        We were introduced to Lyn Dowd, a man who seems to have every kind of tool imaginable, in the article “Garland Tool Collector Is An Artist At Heart.”

        We found out in the article “Stone Tools with Plastic Handles” how two Israeli designers made functional tools from rock and plastic.

        Finally, the article “How Many Tools Are Too Many?” answered the question on whether or not the tools we already have are enough. 

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