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Summary of Posts: November 7th 2012

Posted by on 11/6/2012 to Info News

It istime again to put down our tools and have a rest. Let’s look back at what we have learned so far about the tools that we use everyday in our work. We discussed the following:

        According to the article by Patrick Manning , the candidates who show more support to the brewing industry have a better chance of winning because the brewing business is steadily growing as the demand for beer in the U.S. increases.

        We watched two videos on, which taught us two things. First, what the different tools in the workshop are; and second, how to properly organize them.

        We read an article, which convinced us that we should make sure we have our own set of car repair tools inside our car in case of emergencies

        We found out what the basic tools for car repair are in the article in and learned that there are some vehicles that use non-standard parts which will require special tools.

        We learned about more tools which can be used for serious car repairs and how to properly choose them in the article written by chiltonDIY.

        Lastly, we read an article which prepared us for repairing our vehicles whether we are just starting to learn or already have some knowledge on DIY car repair.

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