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Summary of Posts: November 28th 2012

Posted by on 11/28/2012 to Info News

Whether you’re new to the trade or an experienced practitioner in the field of carpentry, you know that no woodworker is better than his tools. However, sometimes the right tools are hard to find. What should you look for in tools? Where will you keep those tools? How should you use those tools? We found articles answering all these questions. Check them out:

        What’s essential for your workshop? In ‘Essential Workshop Handtools’ from the DIY Network you’ll find the tools that will make or break the carpenter. You’ll also be interested in the tips included in the article about buying these handtools.

        The Best Basic Hand Tools for Woodworkers’ by Robert Houghton brings you some tools that have survived generations of carpenters - and for good reason. Find out what used to be the best, and what still is the best today.

        Your motorcycle mirrors may be damaged! This can spell disaster for any motorcycle rider. Find out how to check and fix the mirrors of your motorcycle in this article by Shannon Johnson.

        Are you tired of lugging around a tool case? A tool belt may be the solution for all your problems. Find out how to buy the perfect tool belt in this article from the Family Handyman.

        Well, you may know what hand-tools to buy, and you may have a great tool belt to keep them all organized. But when it comes to actually using those tools? You can read all about staying safe and pain-free when using tools in ‘Safe Use of Hand-Held Tools’ from Reliable Plant. Read it here.

        What tools are needed for your business? ‘Tools of the Trade’ is our discussion explaining the basic tools you should have and how you should go about buying them. 

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