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Summary of Posts: November 24th 2012

Posted by on 11/24/2012 to Info News
We use different tools everyday. Some use tools for work, and some use them for studying. There are also tools which can be used to save our lives or get us out of difficult situations. These are some things that we learned about hand tools recently. To remind us of what we learned, here are the topics we talked about:

        Tom and Ray advise that drivers keep a tool box inside their car which contains tools that they can use to break the window  or windshield in case they are trapped inside the vehicle.

         Karen Boyd taught us how to repair our flat motorcycle tires using some common tools which can easily be bought at any machine shop.

        We learned that we must make sure that we need to have some tire sealant, fuel savers, power jumper cables, tool kit, fluids, and tire gauge always prepared inside the car for emergency situations.

        We were taught how to do a simple repair on the broken plastic parts of our motorcycles using the right tools to save money.

        Three men stole some expensive power tools from a parked van when they pretended to have some car trouble. Police are looking for more witnesses to the crime.

        Finally, we read a story which talked about how our tools can help us during the worst times of our lives.

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