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Summary of Posts: November 21st 2012

Posted by on 11/21/2012 to Info News

How can we live without all the tools that we have now? We can survive without them, but life will be a lot harder. This is why we must always make sure that we learn from them as much as possible. Let us look back at what we have previously discussed:

        The bill which requires the car shop owners to send in their diagnostic tools with their mechanics so they can use it to do the car repairs in their clients’ garages have been approved by the voters in Massachusetts.

        Huffington Post helped us prepare our cars for the coming winter by giving us helpful tips to ensure our car will make it through this season.

        We learned about the tools needed and the steps to take if we want to repair our motorcycle’s seat in an article on

        Jose Cruz is teaching his students to actually repair cars by showing it to them first-hand and allowing them to try tasks for themselves instead of just making them read books.

        An old woman was about to get scammed by two fake mechanics when they offered to fix her car. Luckily, they were not able to take the $4,000 they were charging the old lady.

        Lastly, we read a commentary about the importance of teaching the students how to use mechanics’ tools because they will be able to use them in the future.

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