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Summary of Posts: November 10th 2012

Posted by on 11/10/2012 to Info News

We need to take a break once again. Learning new things is important, but looking back at what we have learned is equally as important because this will permanently engrave what we have learned in our minds. Here are the topics we have talked about:

        We learned how to protect ourselves by wearing some tools, which can help lessen the accidents, by wearing protective gears like eye goggle, gloves, and others, in the article by Amna.

        We found out where we can find the best sports bar to become a fan of the 49ers and to enjoy a great beer in the article at

        We learned about a beer named Armageddon, which is said to be the world’s strongest beer. It will be a good drink especially now that it is getting colder.

        We found out that there is still a beer festival after October, which will be held on November 10 as the NYC will host different beer tasting festivals from different local breweries, from the article by David Reyneke.

        We learned from Mom Blog some tricks on how we can organize our garage or any place that needs cleaning and arranging because it will make it a better workplace.

        Finally, we read the article about different ways to celebrate after working in the article “A Reason To Celebrate.”

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