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Summary of Posts: May 5th 2013

Posted by on 5/5/2013 to Info News

In this cycle, we talk about lots of different DIY projects for bikes and cars alike. You better get your tools ready because these posts will bring out the professional garage mechanic in you. Check out the cool stuff we’ve lined up:

        The radiator of your car needs to be monitored regularly to make sure the engine doesn’t overheat when you don’t want it to. Learn more about radiator flushing in this post.

        Having sticky breaks can drive you - and your car - nuts. The best thing to do is to address the problem head on as soon as it appears to avoid any unwanted accidents in the future.

        People have different body structures and sizes, so finding the perfect fit with a motorcycle may require a little bit of effort initially.

        Learn how to replace your car’s windshields in a breeze with the help of this wikiHow post.

        Let’s take a breather from all the DIY-ing and talk about something different for a change. Have your ever heard of charities that encourage donating auto hand tools to help others? You best believe it.

        Lastly, we talk about the unlikely marriage of auto tools and charitable causes. It doesn’t matter how you do it or what you do it with - all that matters is that you’re willing to help out those in need.

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