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Summary of Posts: May 19th 2013

Posted by on 5/19/2013 to Maintenance of Hybrid Engines

This week we'll take a look at hybrid vehicles. How much more will maintaining a hybrid cost and what are the advantages of owning one? There are many interesting and informative articles around the Internet on the subject. Here's a look at some of the best:

        Ever wondered if maintaining a hybrid car will cost more than a conventional car? Linda Brinson has some answers. She talks about the worries you may have and offers facts on the matter.

        Let's say you own a hybrid and you are enjoying the gas savings, do you know the common maintenance issues you may run into? Cars Direct debunks the most common issues that plague hybrid drivers and offers solutions.

        Looking for tips on keeping your hybrid running for miles without needing to see a mechanic? Have you ever wondered what's the difference between conventional cars and hybrids when it comes to maintenance? Christine and Scott Gable have some useful facts.

        Hybrids have been getting a great reception almost everywhere in the world. They are being praised as affordable and environmentally friendly. We're not saying they aren't, but are there any hidden costs you may need to know about? Alison Lakin has some interesting information.

        Energy saving and environmental friendly vehicles are being endorsed by many organizations around the world, but did you know that even the U.S Department of Energy supports their production? Here's an informative piece from the Department of Energy with details on the safe use of hybrids and electric vehicles.

        There is a lot of speculation on the advantages of hybrids and the amount of savings you will make owning one, but how can you separate fact from fiction

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