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Summary of Posts: March 24th 2013

Posted by on 3/24/2013

For this cycle, we take a look at the different auto industry news and stories that are buzzing around the country - from the rising cost of auto repair services to students learning the skills to locals complaining about the speed of services. Check out all the posts we’ve prepared for you:

        Roosevelt High School is proud of its four seniors and their auto repair teacher for winning a contest - and for the $5000 worth of prizes that they took home with them.

        Skeptics may not agree, but reports tell us that finally, car companies are doing a better job on their end and that we can expect better reliability of car quality.

        Over the past decade, the costs of auto repair have gone nowhere but up. Chances are, they’ll just keep skyrocketing until we’re all just left to stick to DIY fixes.

        Before you get into a row with your mechanic, it’s best to get an estimated cost of repairs so that you can prepare for the services that your car will need.

        Some Houston motorists got into a nasty accident and took their vehicles to a repair shop. Unfortunately, all they got were headaches when it took months for them to get their cars back.

        We end the cycle with a talk about the importance of preparing for the needed tools, services, and repair costs beforehand.

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