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Summary of Posts: February 3rd 2013

Posted by on 2/3/2013 to Info News

This week we took a look at the problems facing Chevrolet Volt dealers around the country, looked at some air tools for DIY repairs and learnt how to repair your own Jeep. We also learnt all about changing car oil:

        Mike Colias talks about the problems that are faced by Volt dealerships around the country. Carrying the line requires dealers to pay additional costs of up to $5,100 for automotive tools required to service the plug-in hybrid.

        Mini air tools are great if you want to do your own repairs at home. Tire Review writes about a new set of mini air tools by Ingersoll Rand and why you should want one.

        A Jeep is a great classic and hardy vehicle but having it maintained and repaired can cost you a small fortune, particularly because of the high cost of replacement parts. Most for Your Auto explains how you can learn to do your own repairs at home.

        Tool Monger writer Chuck Cage decided to ask his readers whether they use air tools at home, and if they do, which ones and for what. The responses were varied and certainly make a great read.

        Having your car oil changed can be a pain if you don’t like making trips to a mechanic every once in a while. Read Matthew Wright’s guide on how to do your own oil change.

        Plug-in hybrids like the Volt are believed by some to be the vehicles of the future. They are extremely efficient and very environmentally friendly, but the cost of tools for servicing them is causing dealerships to opt out of carrying the line.

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