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Summary of Posts: February 17th 2013

Posted by on 2/17/2013 to Info News

The auto repair industry is one of the few that keeps holding on no matter how the economy fares. After all, car problems won’t stop happening just because business has. Check out the different automotive stories we have in store for you:

        Learn about the basics of automotive tools, whether you’re thinking of being a professional mechanic or a simple weekend DIY guy.

        The very first step of repairing damage is finding out what the problem is. This saves a lot of time and energy for the mechanic.

        Who knew that gossip also exists in the manly world of auto repair? Debunk the myths and separate fact from fiction in the garage.

        Unless you’re a guy who’s really good with doing your own repairs, everyone has an auto mechanic to go to when problems happen. Find out what it takes to be a dependable go-to guy for everyone else’s car troubles.

        It’s best to get advice from people who have more expertise and experience in certain things, auto repair and diagnosing included. Check out Brian Mann’s personal stash of tools to keep engines in check.

        Finally, we talk about starting a career in auto repair, what it takes, and the back seat role of knowing what you’re doing. The tools may be the face of the job, but skills and understanding are the most important foundation.

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