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Summary of Posts: February 10th 2013

Posted by on 2/10/2013 to Info News

Car fanatics love to keep their repair kits up-to-date with the latest in design and technology. Not only that, they love to help out other people do a little car maintenance effort at home. One should always keep an automotive diagnostic tools kit and a repairing kit with them while driving. This will help in case you come across a situation when help cannot reach you fast enough.

This cycle, we looked at the following:

        Gordon Hard shared some expert tips in his article on saving money on repairing your automobiles. Read the article from here.

        An article on wikiHow explained how one can fix a car’s air conditioning system if it stops working. Click here for more on this.

        Matthew Wright wrote about the use of electronic torque wrench and why it is needed. Click the above link to read his article.

        Paul Wright wrote how to change a flat car tire in his article on Popular Mechanics. Click the above link for more on this.

        Innova Electronic Corporation has introduced a new line of state-of-the-art electronic diagnostic tools. Click here to read more about it.

        Repairing a car is a professional’s work but you do not need to spend that much if it is something minor, like if your car paint needs a retouching or your headlights have become hazy. For this purpose, helping kits are available in the market and you can also find help on the internet as well.

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