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Summary of Posts: December 5th 2012

Posted by on 12/5/2012 to Info News

The value of hand tools can not be ignored. Even with so many new innovations, we will still use the same old manual tools which our fathers used before. Why? Because they can do the work, sometimes even better than any power tool can. Let us look back at what we discussed this week about hand tools:

        There are three things you will need if you want to know how to properly operate hand tools: the manual, safety gear, and cleaning tools.

        It was a lucky day for Eric Daily as we he thought his luck had run out when his tool truck was stolen, the truck was found a few days later with all the stools still untouched.

        Dough Mahoney showed us eight unusual tools like the shingle froe, power chisel, and others which can be quite eyebrow raising for some people.

        The GIA said that the hand tools demand is increasing over the years despite the emergence of automatic and mechanical tools.

        We learned the philosophy of making hand tools and the reemergence of the demand for handmade goods in the article written Leo Kent.

        Lastly, a commentary talked about how people are gaining interest again in handmade goods and how profitable the hand tools business can be. 

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