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Summary of Posts: December 1st 2012

Posted by on 12/1/2012 to Info News

I found articles all across the web this week that should help all you fellow tool enthusiasts. From screwdrivers to gardening tools, these articles will inform, educate, and update you on the tool world. Ever wonder what drop forging is? Yep, this question is answered too! Check out these articles:

        What are the first electrical (and hand held) tools you should look for? And what kind of those tools? ‘Basic Electrical Tools & Hand Tools’ by Doug Berthon answers these questions and also talks about the maintenance of these tools and how to stay safe using them.

        What’s with that ‘drop forged’ stamp on your tools? Is that something good or something bad? Read all about drop forging in ‘Why do Tools have ‘Drop Forged Stamped On Them?’ from HowStuffWorks.

        Oh, no - the oil in your car needs changing again. This is a task that no one looks foward to. Read about how to accomplish oil changes as quickly and easily as possible in ‘How to Change the Oil in Your Car’ from wikiHow.

        Are you using your screwdriver incorrectly? Read about important screwdriver tips in ‘How to Use a Screwdriver’ by Brett and Kate McKay. You can find out all about the Phillips and flathead screwdrivers here.

        Winter may be around the corner, but for you gardeners, there’s still important work to accomplish. Find out how to keep your tools taken care of in this article by Linda Kennedy.

        What’s in a screwdriver? Quite a bit, according to the commentary ‘The Amazing Screwdriver.’ Don’t ruin your screws or your screwdriver, and read the basic tips included in this commentary! 

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