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Summary of Posts: December 15th 2012

Posted by on 12/15/2012 to Info News

We’ve got very interesting articles this week! Find out why they’re worth reading.

        Tools With a Mission is one with a unique noble cause. Their objective: to provide hand tools to Africans who are undergoing vocational training projects. Who wouldn’t want to help these poor people in Africa? Let’s hope they’re coming to the U.S. soon.

        Heath Wright shares with us the steps on how to reverse a ratcheting wrench, a hand tool that can come in handy when you need to work on tight spaces.

        We never run out of mechanic inspiration! This time, we’ve got a twist. This story’s kind of a funny narrative. Check it out: The Days of Repairing My Car with Duct Tape are Over by Peter Cheney. Just by the title, you can figure it all out.

        It’s high time to put away your gardening tools, the winter air is all around us! Learn how to pack them in Tom Throgmorton’s post.

        Girls, don’t let any man intimidate you. If you have a passion for the mechanic world, go ahead. Sure, it’s a difficult and dirty job, but very fun and fulfilling. Here’s a dose of inspiration: Girls At Work.

        Our concluding post has focused on ‘girl power’. It’s high time, dudes, to give the female side their overdue respect in the mechanic job. Read more here.

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