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Summary of Posts: April 21st 2013

Posted by on 4/21/2013 to Info News

In this cycle, we talk about different tools for auto and motorcycle repair. We also feature a bold individual’s attempt at parting away the parts of an old car to sell its parts, as well as making sense of all the modern car systems that we have today. These are our prepared stories:

        Air tools are essential for motorcycle and auto repairs. Even if you are no professional mechanic, it is important that you have these and understand how they work.

        Have you ever actually met a person who manually disassembled a junk car to sell the parts for profit? You’ll be impressed by this individual’s challenging feat.

        I’m sure that maintaining auto hand tools is the least favorite part of DIY repairs for most garage mechanics, but it’s important to keep these tools in top shape and working condition.

        If you just bought yourself a new car that has sensors in it, you need to know how they work exactly to make better sense of the system.

        If you are just beginning with auto repair, it’s advised to start with the basics. Go ahead and begin with these seven tools.

        Finally, we close up with a discussion about old timers’ bouts with modern technology, tools, and all the fancy systems present in newer car models today.

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