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Should You Go High Tech or Low Tech?

Posted by on 10/23/2012 to Info News

The development of technology has given people many things, which make their jobs faster and easier. One example of this technological development is the invention of power tools. People needed to do everything manually before the power tools were created. This meant that, to cut wood in half, the person had to work with the saw by pushing and pulling the saw over and over. The task required a strong body and a lot of hard work to split wood. Now, with the help of a power saw, the person just needs to press a button or pull a chain, which will start the engine, and the cutting will be done automatically. The person just needs to guide the power tool where to go. Does this mean manual or hand tools are no longer needed?

The answer is no. There may be some great advantages from using power tools but manual hand tools also have their own advantages. As the article “The Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Hand Tools Over Power Tools” by Kyle Fietcher explains, there are three qualities of hand tools, which make it better than any kind of power tools. One of the advantages of manual hand tools is their prices. Power tools are expensive. Since they use electricity and have electric motors, they will cost several times more than conventional manual hand tools.  Next is the durability. Since the hand tools are basically solid pieces of metal, they are more durable than power tools, which have several moving parts. Finally, the effectiveness in using manual hand tools cannot be matched by power tools. Power tools are all just about speed and power. It will make the task easier but if the task needs precision, using power tools is not recommended. To say it simply, powered tools cannot do every kind of work.

For people who want to know the essential tools that every home should have, Jay McDonald has written a list of those tools. According to his article, “The 15 tools every homeowner should own”, everyone should have a toolbox, hammer, vice wrench,  pry bar, needle-nose pliers, screw drivers, wire cutter and stripper, tape measure, electrical tester, half-inch chisel, utility knife,  handsaw,  9-inch torpedo level, and safety glasses, even if they are not much of a DIY person. These tools can serve and be used inside the house in many ways. 

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