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SES VAG1594D VW/Audi Connector Test Set

SES VAG1594D VW/Audi Connector Test Set

Part Number:SESVAG1594D


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SES VAG1594D VW/Audi Connector Test Set

The new test lead set was especially developed for contacting practically all of the wiring connections found in automotive applications.
It can be employed universally thanks to its numerous combination possibilities.
Many new details facilitate a flexible and secure fault diagnosis and make it possible to work with live wiring safely.
To prevent damage, it is not possible for test leads to be used incorrectly. With completely insulated test leads there is no risk of short circuit. Deformation from the test lead wobbling in the contacts is likewise ruled out.
A contact template enables simple allocation of a wide variety of sizes of contacts to test leads.

Items supplied:
13 x male and female test leads of various types, e.g. with cable cross section 0.75mm² - 2.5mm² for contact elements 0.63x0.63mm - 9.50 x 1.20mm.
Test leads with a diameter of 0.8mm - 4.0mm are also included in the auxiliary measuring set, partially also 2 x per test lead in accordance with the item list.
2 x 30cm extension leads
2 x 200cm extension leads
1 x 400cm extension lead
1 contact template
1 resistor decade box
1 set of crocodile clips
1 set of trigger clamps
5 connector bridges
1 set of cable markers

Replacement parts:
Test leads 2.80 x 0.80 male
VAG 1594/1A; ASE 40125101000

Test leads 2.80 x 0.80 female
VAG 1594/2A; ASE 40125201000

Test leads 6.30 x 0.80 male
VAG 1594/3A; ASE 40125301000

Test leads 6.30 x 0.80 female
VAG 1594/4A; ASE 40125401000

Test leads Ø 1.50 male
VAG 1594/5A; ASE 40125501000

Test leads Ø 1.50 female
VAG 1594/6A; ASE 40125601000

Test leads Ø 3.50 male
VAG 1594/7A; ASE 40125701000

Test leads Ø 3.50 female
VAG 1594/8A; ASE 40125801000

Test leads 0.63 x 0.63 male
VAG 1594/28A; ASE 44105201000

Test leads 0.63 x 0.63 female
VAG 1594/29A; ASE 44105401000

Test leads 1.20 x 0.60 male
VAG 1594/32; ASE 44105600000

Test leads 1.20 x 0.60 female
VAG 1594/33; ASE 44105700000

Test leads 1.50 x 0.60 male
VAG 1594/30A; ASE 44105301000

Test leads 1.50 x 0.60 female
VAG 1594/34; ASE 44105800000

Test leads 4.80 x 0.80 male
VAG 1594/35; ASE 44105900000

Test leads 4.80 x 0.80 female
VAG 1594/36; ASE 44106000000

Test leads 5.20 x 0.63 male
VAG 1594/37; ASE 44106100000

Test leads 5.20 x 0.63 female
VAG 1594/38; ASE 44106200000

Test leads 9.50 x 1.20 male
VAG 1594/39; ASE 44106300000

Test leads 9.50 x 1.20 female
VAG 1594/40; ASE 44106400000

Test leads Ø 0.80 male
VAG 1594/41; ASE 44106500000

Test leads Ø 0.80 female
VAG 1594/42; ASE 44106600000

Test leads Ø 2.50 male
VAG 1594/43; ASE 44106700000

Test leads Ø 2.50 female
VAG 1594/44; ASE 44106800000

Test leads Ø 4.00 male
VAG 1594/45; ASE 44106900000

Test leads Ø 4.00 female
VAG 1594/46; ASE 40107000000

Extension lead 30cm
VAG 1594/19A; ASE 40126901000

Extension lead 200cm
VAG 1594/47; ASE 40107100000

Extension lead 200cm
VAG 1594/31A; ASE 44105501000

Trigger clamps
VAG 1594/13A; ASE 40126401000

Crocodile clips
VAG 1594/14A; ASE 40126301000

Contact template
VAG 1594/48; ASE 40107200000

Connecting bridges
VAG 1594/49; ASE 40107300000

Cable markers
VAG 1594/50; ASE 40107400000

Resistor decade box
VAG 1630A; ASE 40127010000

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