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Road Hazards and Motorcycles

Posted by on 1/9/2014 to Info News
Part of being a responsible motorcycle rider is looking out for hazards even before hitting the road. Always check the weather report for rain, snow, strong winds, or other potentially harmful conditions that may occur. If conditions seem risky, consider using another form of transportation. However, circumstances may not always be predictable, so preparation for road hazards is still necessary in case you find yourself in an unexpected situation. 
 If the road surfaces are slippery due to rain or snow or even due to circumstances such as oil spots or wet leaves, be sure to reduce your speed to allow yourself more time to stop and be aware of any changing road conditions. Also try to use both breaks and avoid any sudden movements that can make you lose your balance. Lastly, try to avoid the slickest areas, which may include the center of the lane and intersections where slippery substances tend to build up. 
 In the case of unexpected high winds, ride on the side of the lane that provides the most room for you to move around while keeping your distance from other vehicles. Maintain a strong grip on the handle bars and practice good posture to help main control and balance of the motorcycle. Try to steer into the wind when possible, and more importantly be aware of branches or other debris that the wind may blow into your bath. When debris or other hazards such as potholes come up, it important to be able to react quickly and commonly as they appear. You may frequently need to make a quick turn to avoid an object or hazard. In instances where you have to ride over an object, keep a tight hold on the hand grips, keep a straight course, and absorb the shock by slightly rising up on the foot pegs.
 Riding a motorcycle takes a great deal of practice so it is a good idea to practice potentially hazardous conditions in a safe environment to prepare you for the real thing by taking the proper steps in identifying and reacting quickly and calmly to hazards.

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