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Repair Job - The Top Tools for a Body Repair Garage

Posted by on 11/19/2013 to Diagnostics
For this reason alone, it's important that each repair shop has the tools necessary to take care of an array of auto body collision repair jobs. Below are five tools that should come standard in every shop. 

1. Car Lift

Hydraulic car lifts take the guesswork—and work—out of using an old-fashioned lift. They easily elevate vehicles off of the ground so that mechanics can access it from all angles. This is a particularly useful tool when completing auto body collision repair jobs, as it's important to make sure everything is back in working order, even what may not be initially visible. 

2. Air Compressor 

Like a car lift, an air compressor makes an everyday Automotive Body Repair Job easier and more time-efficient. When applying a new coat of paint, the air compressor turns it into a spray that's simple to apply in even layers. A smaller air compressor works when painting a motorcycle or isolated area of a car, while larger ones can be used to coat entire cars, trucks, and vans. 

3. Dual-Action Sander

Developed in the 1990s, the dual-action sander reciprocates for all of the human error that comes into play when people sand by hand. The machine simultaneously spins its sanding disc and moves in an ellipse in order to avoid swirl marks. It can even be used on wood grain without heeding the material's pre-existing pattern. 

4. Slide Hammer

Most auto body collision repair jobs will require the use of a slide hammer. The device allows mechanics to fix dented or pushed-in parts without replacing them entirely. This tool is especially useful for fenders and door panels, which sustain quite a bit of damage. 

5. Body Filler and Spreading Knives

Not all repairs can be made with a tool—some require a little finesse. Body filler compensates for dips and divots on your car's exterior, and spreading knives make the application easier and more even. Spreading knives come in both metal and plastic varieties, although the plastic ones are easier to clean. 

Of course, these five items are not an exhaustive list of what an Automotive Body Repair Job requires, but a typical job will most likely incorporate one or more of these tools.

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