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Protecting Your Car from Natural Hazards, Recap

Posted by on 6/23/2013 to Natural Hazards

Natural hazards can damage and degrade a vehicle over time, shortening its operating life. In some cases, this creates increased risk of accident or injury, making it a real priority to protect your car from natural hazards.

Extreme temperatures are the most common class of hazard most vehicles encounter. While modern vehicles are unquestionably more robust than their predecessors, it's still important to prepare for seasonal temperature extremes. Cold weather can interfere with lubrication and cooling, for example, while hot weather brings increased strain on tires and engine cooling systems.

Speaking of winter, road salt corrodes a vehicle's undercarriage, frame, and exposed mechanical systems, increasing risk of dangerous accidents while decreasing survivability. (Salty air in coastal areas can be just as bad.) Careful cleaning and monitoring can prevent corrosion, or at least detect when it has reached dangerous levels.

Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters cannot be prevented, of course, but your vehicle can be insured against their effects. Be aware, however, that flood-damaged vehicles occasionally make their way onto the secondary market; anyone purchasing a used vehicle should be aware of the risks of operating a flood-damaged vehicle and be able to spot one before the electrical fire.

With a little preparation, it's possible to protect your vehicle and yourself from common natural hazards. Doing so will not only increase the operating lifetime and long-term value of your vehicle, but decrease your own risks of accident and injury.



Tara Tompson
Date: 1/22/2014
This is so great! I used to live in California and never really worried about my car except the paint fading. When I had my first winter in Utah it was a whole different story! I'm prepared for just about anything now! Tara |

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