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Proper Torquing, As Part of Auto Works

Posted by on 11/16/2012 to Info News
Proper torquing is very important, but some technicians don’t understand the exact reason behind it. This will require us to examine how bolts work and what happens when you tighten them.

Bolts are the springs that hold the parts of a car together. The tighter they are, the greater the pressure is that they put on the parts that they are clamping. Have the bolts too loose and you’ll have your oil leaking, have them too tight and you’ll have car parts distorted, or worse, broken. This is where a torque wrench comes in handy. This tool allows you to apply the right amount of spring tension to the bolts. Make them available to your technicians so they can provide quality service to your customers. Otherwise, you’ll lose your credibility to both your workers and clients.

It’s not enough to make torque wrenches easily accessible, management reinforcement is also a key factor. Management should encourage and require the use of these tools. Sometimes, your workforce just need a little push in order to function well. Moreover, praise them if they did a good job with torquing. It’s human nature to do great and have pride in their own workmanship if they know they’ve done an excellent job.

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