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Profiting in Low-Tech Style

Posted by on 12/4/2012 to Info News
Most objects today are made by machines and engines. The clothes you wear, the spoons you use, even the chairs you sit on are probably made in some factory by a machine.  Several decades ago, most objects we had were handmade. There were no machines then, which we have now. This means that every object and thing we had was manually made. I remember my father used to say that things from the old days were a lot stronger compared to the ones sold today. This might be because the things and objects that were sold in his day were made by hand.

 Not only in the past did we not have power tools, but most tools then were manually powered which made them harder to use. This difficulty made the objects that are being produced also hard to break. For example,  It was very difficult to cut a fine metal. If someone wanted to make a thin metal, they had to hammer it until it became thin. The hammering actually made the metal stronger because it binds the molecules closer together. Now, all that has to be done is to cut the metal using a cutting machine. While it is easier and faster, the quality of the material is not the same. This is just an example of how products today differ from before. However, because it is easier now to produce  objects, the cost of buying them has also significantly decreased compared to the value it had before. The only problem is, people will now have to buy them more often because they will not last long.

For this reason some people are now looking for products that are handmade. According to the article by Leo Kent, people are seeing the value of handmade goods. They may cost more, and they may not shine like the factory made  ones, but they can be assured that they are stronger. Goods like hand knitted clothes, fabrics, and others are steadily increasing. Even the demand for hand tools is increasing according to the article at the San Francisco Chronicle. They said that while the hand tools market continues to be a low profile industry, more people are buying them even with the availability of power tools. This just shows that people are looking at the profitability of low-tech goods.

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