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Preparing For The Worst

Posted by on 11/23/2012 to Info News

We all should always prepare for the worst because we really don’t know what or when something unexpected will head our way. Being prepared is the only way we can hope to weather through times like those. Sometimes, preparation can mean the difference between life and death. The article at will help you be prepared if there is an accident on the road, like a flat tire or a dead battery. These types of accidents may not be life threatening, but they are a big problem, especially if this happens in a remote area. If the person has some tools that they can use to remedy these problems, they can do some temporary repairs, which will allow them to travel a little further to at least get the car into a repair shop. According to the article, everyone must have  tire sealant, fuel saver, jumper cables, fluids, tool box,  tire gauge,  and an emergency kit.

 Tom and Ray gave us some great tips on what we should do, in case we are trapped inside our car during a flash flood. The pressure of the water outside can prevent the car door from opening. It can even mess with the window mechanism, which will not allow it to open. In cases like this, Tom and Ray suggest to look inside the toolbox for something to break the windshield or window glass. In can get dangerous inside the car because if the water continues to rise, it can drown a trapped person. It is therefore, important to store some heavy tools inside the car, not just in the trunk.

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