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On Evolution: Automotive Tools, Grease, and Dirt

Posted by on 3/9/2013 to Info News
There’s something fascinating about lying on the floor under the car’s chassis and being all manly when trying to fix some car problem that appeals to most men. How many times have you said no to your wife, girlfriend, kids, or parents when they kept on insisting that you take the car to a mechanic instead? A lot of men own automotive tools and equipment that they keep in their sheds or garages. It’s a man thing.

We just love getting grease and oil on our faces and hands when tinkering with our cars. But more importantly, it’s the idea of fixing a problem with our bare hands (and some automotive tools) without any professional help. It’s like a testosterone boost – an evidence of masculinity and dominance. In fact, many dads out there dream of the day when they get to teach their sons the same skills and tricks with cars that their dads taught them back in the day. It’s the ultimate dad-to-son bonding experience slash life lessons, which really come in handy when you are stuck on the road with a blinking “check engine” sign.

Whether it’s repainting an old car, changing oil, changing a flat tire, or some of the more complex engine problems, as long as we have our basic knowledge of the car’s anatomy, basic automotive tools, and some common sense, we’re good.

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