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Protecting Your Car from Natural Hazards, Recap

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/23/2013 to Natural Hazards
Natural hazards can damage and degrade a vehicle over time, shortening its operating life. In some cases, this creates increased risk of accident or injury, making it a real priority to protect your car from natural hazards.

Natural Disasters: Are You Covered?

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/22/2013 to Natural Hazards
Some things can be prepared for, but never prevented. Landslides, earthquakes, and tornadoes can damage or destroy a vehicle despite almost any level of precaution.

Getting Bugs Out of Paint

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/21/2013 to Natural Hazards
When bugs splat against your vehicle, their acidic viscera can eat through the top layers of your paint job and cause lasting damage.

Beaten by the Heat?

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/21/2013 to Natural Hazards
Extreme heat presents its own dangers. Tires wear differently in the heat (and are more prone to tread separation while under-inflated)

Salt Corrosion is Vehicular Cancer

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/19/2013 to Natural Hazards
Whether you're exposed to salt on winterized roadways, or from sea air, you need to be aware of industry best practices for dealing with the threat of salt corrosion.

Spotting Flood Damaged Cars

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/18/2013 to Natural Hazards
The ever-helpful folks at HowStuffWorks produced a ten-point checklist for spotting flood damaged cars

Protecting Your Car From Natural Hazards

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/17/2013 to Natural Hazards
Other drivers aren't the only hazard out there which can ruin a good vehicle.
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